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The recently concluded 2017-2018 concert season featured critically acclaimed artists such as The L.A. Wind and Piano Sextet; The Ying String Quartet; Wind Sync; Jolente De Maeyer with Nikolaas Kende; and Boris Andrianov with Dimitri Illarionov.

Our 60th season offers five events to the public free of charge throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring.

FULLERTON FRIENDS OF MUSIC ... looking forward, looking back... 2000 ... 1958

What a heady moment in time this is - poised as we are at the threshold of the new millennium. The history of Fullerton Friends of Music is now over forty years long, and we are still going strong. The fledgling organization that was the pioneer of regularly scheduled concerts of chamber music in Orange County now soars to new heights with annual concerts that present leading musicians of national and international stature.

Our mission? ... to foster in our growing community a greater appreciation and support of chamber music performances. This "music for smaller spaces" is the genre in which the great composers have expressed their most intimate and profound feelings. As always, our music spans the centuries from the Baroque to the contemporary.

In the future, we will be looking for new ways to expand our schedule of concerts, possibly including a summer series. Of course, our plans depend on the efforts of many. We ask you, our members and supporters, to join us in the task of regeneration, renewal and growth.

Let us raise a glass to the opening of a new era, and a long bright future for the FFM!

FULLERTON FRIENDS OF MUSIC ... looking forward, looking back... 2000 ... 1900

On the threshold of a new century and millennium, the Fullerton Friends of Music made its debut in the new medium of the World Wide Web to communicate with music lovers near and far.

But what was it like a hundred years ago, how did the public find out about music at the as the 20th century dawned? It was the Poster. This July 1899 poster by Paul Berthon depicts a lovely young lady taking violin lessons. Text: "Violin, cello accompaniment and sight singing, (moderate prices); inquires, 22 rue Denfert-Rochereau [Paris]."

Source: 'Masters of the Poster' by Dover Publications
 Paul Berthon; Paris, Chaix, 1898; issue July 1899

Recent News & Articles

Excerpted from an article which appeared in the April 15, 1999, edition of the Fullerton Observer


By Diane Bridgford

The idea was radical.. and it still is: to offer absolutely first class chamber music right in our own hometown... and not to charge admission! To accomplish just one of these two objectives would have been laudable, but the Fullerton Friends of Music has superbly succeeded at both for a boggling 40 years.

Forty years! That's two career lengths...nearly a lifetime. In those four decades approximately 120 concerts have been presented to grateful, enthusiastic and, more often than not, capacity audiences.

Since 1959 Beulah Strickler, the group's founder and a fine musician herself, has been the moving force behind this group. It is doubtful that her announced "retirement" from this position will ever be total because of her dedication to music. In August of 1997 Beulah wrote an insightful article about the F.F.M's history for Chamber Music magazine. Entitled "A Labor of Love", it concluded with the thought, "There is something about this grassroots society that presents magnificent music on a shoe string."

You are invited to be a participant in this endeavor. The "mentors" look forward to welcoming to the board of directors like-minded newcomers who share their passion for fine music and gratitude for the rare opportunity to hear it right in their backyards.

Come to the Wilshire Auditorium on the Fullerton Fine Arts campus at 3:30 in the afternoon for any of the concerts of the 60th anniversary season. And consider becoming an active Friend. It's intrinsically rewarding to participate with folks who share your enthusiasm plus you'll be making a gift to your community. Factor in the superb music and you have a win-win-win proposition.

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